Odsjek za pedagogiju

Undergraduate study

Type: single major / double major
Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)
ECTS: 180

Learning outcomes for undergraduate study programme: single major / double major



First year -1st semester

InstructorsCourseSchedule typeTypeECTS
Komar, Z. Basics of Pedagogy30/30/0Mandatory5
Komar, Z.; Batinić, Š.History and Philosophy of Pedagogy30/30/0Mandatory5
Markić, I.; Stojanac, M.Theories of Didactics30/30/0Mandatory5
Kušević, B.Theories of Education30/30/0Mandatory5

* ‘Schedule type’ refers to: lectures/seminars/exercises

First year -2nd semester

InstructorsCourseSchedule type TypeECTS
Komar, Z.Systematic Pedagogy30/30/0Mandatory5
Kušević, B.Family Pedagogy30/30/0Mandatory5
Slunjski, E.; Debeljak, I.Pedagogy of Early Childhood30/30/0Mandatory5
Slunjski, E.; Batinić, Š.History of Croatian Pedagogy and School System30/30/0Mandatory5
Rajić, V. Andragogy30/30/0Mandatory5
Šagud, M.Pedagogy of Life-long Education30/30/0Elective5

Second year – 3rd semester

InstructorsCourseSchedule type TypeECTS
Spajić-Vrkaš, V.; Vahtar, D.Anthropology of Education30/30/0Mandatory5
Opić, S.; Horvat, Z.Introduction into Pedagogical Research30/30/0Mandatory5
Slunjski, E.; Debeljak, I.Early Childhood Education Institutions30/30/0Mandatory5
Spajić, V.; Jurčević, R.International Education30/30/0Mandatory5
Car, S.Pedagogy of Adolescence30/30/0Mandatory5
Huić, A.Psychology of Education30/30/0Elective5

Second year – 4th semester

InstructorsCourseSchedule type TypeECTS
Kolak, A.; Stojanac, M.School pedagogy30/30/0Mandatory5
Komar, Z.; Horvat, Z.Quantitative research methods30/30/0Mandatory5
Slunjski, E.Pre-service Professional Practice in Early Childhood Education Institution0/0/0Mandatory5
Smontara, P.Education in Children's Homes30/30/0Mandatory5
Car, S.Alternative Pedagogical Ideas and Schools30/30/0Mandatory5

Third year – 5th semester

InstructorsCourseSchedule type TypeECTS
Blažević Simić, A.Basics of Special Pedagogy30/30/0Mandatory5
Bartulović, M.Qualitative Research of Education30/30/0Mandatory5
Spajić, V.; Širanović, A.Critical Theories of Education30/30/0Mandatory5
Komar, Z.; Novosel, V.Information Systems and Data Bases in Education30/30/0Mandatory5
Horvat, Z.Statistics in Pedagogical Research30/30/0Mandatory5
Sablić, M.Educational Change Strategies30/30/0Elective5

Third year – 6th semester

InstructorsCourseSchedule type TypeECTS
Kolak, A.Education of Gifted Students30/30/0Mandatory5
Blažević Simić, A.Working with students with special educational needs30/30/0Mandatory single major; Elective double major5
Jurčević, R.Educational policies30/30/0Mandatory single major; Elective double major5
Komar, Z.Differential Pedagogy30/30/0Mandatory5
Slunjski, E.; Petani, R.Pedagogical Diagnostics30/30/0Mandatory5
Bartulović, M.Sexual Pedagogy30/30/0Elective5